Moira Kelly Fine Art

Decorative Work

These photographs document Moira's work on Scandinavian-style furniture for a client in Connecticut.

This is a stained and painted floor, made to look like inlay. The original floor was golden yellow. In the top left you can see the stencil I used.

There is such a wide range of decorative paint applications, it's impossible to show them all. The Barn Door, for example, is a new door made to look old and match the existing door. Other applications are painted on canvas and applied to interior walls, and some are painted directly onto the wall. Techniques include ragging, staining, faux plaster, wood and marble. With furniture, the old can be restored, while the new can be distressed to look old.

From left: 

Barn Door, faux wood door, painted floor, powder room vine, panels on canvas.

From left: 

Panel on canvas, two images of a cityscape firescreen, a mosaic fountain, and two sketches for ceiling paintings.

From left:

Painting, 48''x36'' Ecce Homo for church, parlor stencil, ragging, bedroom stencil, painted table and decorative motif tiles.

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