Moira Kelly Fine Art

Moira is a trained art restorer. She works mainly on contemporary art projects, but also works on frames, mirrors, and the cleaning and repair of most paintings.

Above, from left: Badly crackled paint surface, Hens and Chicks before and after restoration and embroidary box painting on porcelain. 

These photographs are of restoration in progress at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in 2009. Moira headed the restoration crew.

Honor's Screen

This screen came to Moira in a dilapidated condition, due to water damage and tearing. The screen is made of tempera paint on paper. During the course of the year, Moira repaired all damages, and consolidated the screen for future everyday use.

These are photographs of the initial damage, the restoration process and the finished screen.

The guinea pigs were cleaned and repaired. The dog had a major crack in the board on which it was painted. This was filled and repainted. 

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